Support Groups Around San Diego

Getting support on your breastfeeding journey is so important! One fantastic place to access peer support is a free breastfeeding support group. They are held all over the county by various organizations. While an IBCLC, a La Leche League Leader, or a Lactation Educator are usually in attendance to answer questions, these groups focus on parent-to-parent support. You can get basic help with positioning and latch, ask questions to others who have been there, and support each other through the challenges and joys of all things breastfeeding and parenting. If you need individualized help, consider setting up a private consult with an IBCLC.

This calendar is hosted by Mamas & Milk, but we do not run all of these support groups. While we do our best to make sure the calendar is accurate, there may be errors. Please make sure to contact the person in charge of the group if you have questions. If you have updates for the calendar or want your group added, let us know! Email us at