Baby Moves Yoga

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Baby Moves Yoga

First and Third Wednesday of the month @ 10:30 am • 60 MINUTES

Gentle movements focused on baby to help unfold and get more comfortable in the world outside the womb. We combine rhythmic movements and exercises to help open spaces in the body. Including work for the jaw, neck, and chest, this class is great for babies with asymmetries, tightness, and/or tongue tie (whether it has been released or not). Come play with your baby, connect with other adult humans, and maybe find a little movement for yourself as well.

Top Six Reasons to Get your Babe Moving:

  • Unfolding - babies are tucked up tight in the womb. Help them slowly unfold and get used to living and being in the outside world.

  • Unwinding - no matter what happened during labor and birth for your little one, they were required to do some serious moves that often need unwinding.

  • Movement - it is crucial for normal development. Babies spend so much time in containers - car seats, swings, chairs, swaddles - all which prohibit movement.

  • Interaction- it can be difficult to know how to interact with your new little one, come learn some ways of connecting with your baby.

  • Community - having a newborn can be very isolating! Connect with other parents and join our community.

  • Finding Space- if your baby has been diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie, chances are high that they have some tightness and/or tension in the upper body (chances are you do, too!) This class is all about finding space in the body.

The Details:

Who: Suitable for ages 0 to pre-crawlers and their caregivers

When: First Wednesday of the Month, 10:30-11:30am

Where: RISE Prime Wellness in Carmel Valley

Cost: $15 drop-in , $65 for 5 Class Pass, $125 for 10 Class Pass (get your first class free when you purchase your first class pass!)

Other expectations:

  • Baby noises and communications are welcome (dare we say, encouraged?)

  • Baby care is expected - soothing, feeding, changing - do what you gotta do

  • Baby’s focus and ability to “sit through a yoga class” are definitely not expected, because… babies.

  • No pre-registration required, but you can sign up below!

  • Check the calendar regularly for schedule updates

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