Therapeutic Breast Massage for Lactation

60 MINUTES In-home (starting at $150) or In-Office (starting at $100)

Therapeutic Breast Massage for Lactation (TBML) focuses on the breastfeeding parent who is experiencing breast pain due to engorgement, plugged or clogged ducts, and/or mastitis. Babies and/or a support person are welcome to attend.

What we do together in a Postpartum Consult:

TBML consults are typically 60 minutes to give us time for a thorough history and breast care. If appropriate, massage of the breast and armpit and milk expression will be done to help decrease pain and encourage fluid movement. This visit does not include evaluation of the baby’s suck or breastfeeding session. Included is:

  • Evaluation of the affected breast

  • If appropriate, therapeutic breast massage for lactation and milk expression

  • A personalized plan of care for breast care and healing

  • A report sent to your care provider(s)

  • Paperwork to file with your insurance. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for our services - check with your provider to see if lactation visits are covered. If you have AETNA PPO, or a referral from UCSD HMO, we will bill your insurance for you.