Dawn is Amazing!
I fortunately met Dawn out of convenience, she worked next to my OB office, and credit her with saving my breastfeeding relationship with my son by giving me tools and resources that I otherwise would have never considered. During my pregnancy I enjoyed her prenatal yoga classes which helped set me up for a successful vbac and quick labor. I am now seeing her for my second child who has a whole different set of issues and again she is helping me fix them. I wish all LCs were as knowledgeable
— Chenoa

Dawn is the BEST!!
She helped us tremendously in diagnosing our son’s tongue tie and helping get our breastfeeding on track!! She covered latching techniques, positions, mouth stretches, suck training... even diet recommendations and pump training ;) She was so calm and present and gentle with our little one. We love her so much!!
— Angelina

One of the most challenging and sometimes frustrating parts of being a new mother is breastfeeding. Whether you are experiencing struggles nursing your little one or not, I highly encourage all moms to seek outside help with a lactation consultant. These women are lifesavers!!!
Carlee came to my home shortly after my baby girl was born. She was a wealth of knowledge and immediately put my mind at ease by answering all of my concerns. She monitored my nursing and provided a variety of nursing positions and also ones to help mom feel most comfortable and relaxed. Carlee is educated and very knowledgeable in her craft and genuinely cares about the importance of this bonding experience between baby and mother. Carlee is encouraging, supportive, and has made me feel confident as a new mother. I highly recommend Carlee to any new mom looking for a lactation consultant, she provides excellent support and encouragement.
— Amanda

Dawn is amazing.
Dawn made me feel completely at ease and reassured me. She was completely non-judgemental and has supported me through my breastfeeding - pumping - weaning journey so much. I am so thankful to have had her advice, guidance, kindness and caring through this joyous but trying time.
— Dorothy

AMAZING support for women!
Dawn is amazing!!! She offers superb support for women. Whether it be prenatal yoga, breastfeeding, birth story listening, or her other support services, she is a great comfort and help at any stage in your journey. I couldn’t have imagined going through my pregnancy and postpartum recovery after the birth of my son without her.
— Becky

Carlee has such an comforting presence about her, and it is apparent she is very passionate about what she does. She discovered that my daughter was severely tongue tied which that was impeding on her ability to breastfeed. Carlee recommended a wonderful doctor to address the issues in my daughter’s mouth and provided a very detailed plan going forward. I also received a list of different types of specialty doctors and additional information which was helpful since I am a first time Mom. Thanks again Carlee for treating my daughter and I with such care.
— Kristin

Life saver!
MaM have helped my family in so many ways. I had many problems with breastfeeding my first born son and they saved our breastfeeding relationship. They are incredibly knowledgeable, kind, umderstanding and supportive. Even when doctors couldn’t tell what was wrong, these ladies could spot it immediately so that we could work to correct it. I ended up breastfeeding my first son for over a year. I now have a 2 week old son and I’m so grateful to have Carly and Dawn as part our healthcare team!
— Theresa

Highly recommend!
Dawn is amazing! I’ve met with Dawn twice and already have future apts scheduled and planning on going to the support group! Dawn is supportive, knowledgeable, patient, and doesn’t make you feel bad about anything! Being a mom is hard enough, so to have someone on “your side”... just wanting to help, is super refreshing and invaluable! She even went over the same questions again, once my husband was home. If you have any feelings that you should see a LC, I would not hesitate to call Dawn!
— Sarah