Photo by  Richard Jaimes  on  Unsplash

Prenatal Consult

60 MINUTES In-home (starting at $135) or In-office (starting at $90)

A 60 minute private consult for the breastfeeding parent and support person who has indicators for future breastfeeding difficulty, had difficulty breastfeeding in the past or wants one-on-one help preparing for breastfeeding. Consults are held in your home or in our office in Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa.

Some reasons for a private prenatal consult:

  • Past experience with difficulty breastfeeding

  • Expecting multiples

  • Hormonal issues (like Diabetes, PCOS, thyroid conditions)

  • Intent to induce lactation for adoptive or intended child

  • Desire for individualized education or plan of care before baby arrives

What we do together in a Prenatal Consult:

First visits are typically 60 minutes to give us time for a thorough history and a plan of care on how to move forward on your feeding journey.

You will receive paperwork to file with your insurance. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for our services - check with your provider to see if lactation visits are covered. If you have AETNA PPO, or a referral from UCSD HMO, we will bill your insurance for you.