Change. It happens - and there are many changes happening here at Mamas & Milk!

After losing our office space on Pomerado Road due to a remodel, I have spent the summer looking for the next best place to offer our services. We have loved being in Poway for the past three years. It has been a genuine pleasure serving the community here.

Breastfeeding Support Group - Making the decision to take our breastfeeding support group on a summer hiatus was a difficult one. I have been running the group consecutively for 8 years! I have met so many tremendous, dedicated people through it and have loved it as a way of building community and support. It is one of the things I most look forward to in my week of work, so rest assured we will be back – I am hoping next month!

Yoga - Prenatal Yoga will start back up again on 8:45am on Saturday, August 25th at RISE Prime Wellness! I have also been working on a few new classes for you: one dedicated to your sweet babes and their movements, the other designed for you to help unfold from pregnancy and birth.

So many good things to look forward to - watch out for some announcements soon! 

Dawn Dickerson