Parenthood can be just as much joyful and beautiful and rewarding as it is challenging and isolating and messy. You know what else it can be? Awkward. Like, really awkward. Kids tend to do all sorts of weird things as they grow and learn how to be in this world. They may loudly talk about their body parts in a quiet restaurant or church service (Mama! My penis gets really big when I touch it!). Or ask unfiltered questions about other people when they are standing right in front of them (Mama! Why is that lady so big?). Perhaps they use newly discovered words at inappropriate times (“F*@k, F*@k, F*@k!” all the way up the front steps of preschool to greet the Director). Ah, yes, parenting. Joyful. Beautiful. Rewarding.

And then sometimes those moments have nothing to do with what children say or do, and just come with the parenting territory. Today, on National Awkward Day, will you embrace the weirdness of parenthood with me? Let’s share our Awkward Parenting Moments - I’ll go first:

I am the Mama of a 2 and a 4 year old. They both go to a sweet little preschool where side tipped heads and smiles are what I get when my child says F*@k (yes, I took care of it). So it’s a good place for us. We get home and I am unpacking my 2 year old’s lunch and I see a plastic bag with clothing inside it. Oh! He must have had an accident and wet his undies today. I set it aside and proceed to wash dishes. Hold on a moment… My 2 year old does not wear underwear, he is still in diapers. No problem, must be another kid’s undies from his class. I am going to do the good thing! Help another mom out! I will wash them and take them back tomorrow, no problem. Yeah! I am so on top of this parenting thing! I open the bag to check.

Oh, wait.

Those. Hmm. Those are my underwear. WTF?!? Nicely packaged in a bag. In my kid’s lunchbox. Again, WTAF? At first I panic. How exactly did this happen? Then I burst out laughing, I mean, can you imagine the looks on the teachers faces? On this Monday morning, when they took out my kid’s blanket, shook it fresh from the laundry and my underwear fell on to the floor? Static cling strikes again.

At least I wear cute undies?

Dawn DickersonComment