Have you heard that over the course of seven years your body goes through and replaces and renews every cell? So every seven years you are, like, a completely new person. Such a tempting premise, that we can experience such newness on an all encompassing, cellular level. That we can shift and change and be something wholly different in every fiber of our beings, just by staying alive. Well, it turns out that seven year thing is not quite true. While many of the cells are replaced (and much more rapidly than every seven years), there are some that take a lot longer to renew, and still a few that are with you from birth until death. This seven year regeneration has been on my mind this year, as Mamas & Milk celebrates our seven year anniversary as a company. What are the bones that everything else form around? The muscles? The fascia? The teeth? the hair? Which parts have regenerated and which parts are the in it for the long haul?

First up, the things that are New! Just in the past year alone, we have moved to a new yoga space in Carmel Valley, and opened a new office in Sorrento Valley, brought back Babywearing Yoga, and added the new class, Baby Moves Yoga. This year we have a shiny new website (new skin?), a new member of our team (welcome, Carlee!), and a new scheduling site! And there is more to come, with a new service - Birth Story Listening - and a new charting system (oooh! you say, so fancy!). Whew! That’s a lot of New! Stay tuned for more information…

While the shininess of something new, New, NEW can be super appealing (especially when I am stuck in the muck of all things mundane and ordinary and repetitive), it is comforting to me to know that the core parts are still intact. If everything shifted at the same time, what would tether us and lead us home? So, second up, the things that remain the foundations of Mamas & Milk - the bones. I am still here (Hi! I’m Dawn), offering Prenatal Yoga and Breastfeeding Support, along with the new services mentioned above. So is beautiful Anissa, the other voice of Mamas & Milk on Social Media. The roots of our support have dug deeper (as we have done our own personal shifting and regeneration), integrating new research, training, and knowledge into the practice as we grow and learn together. We are excited to continue this journey with you, navigating the twists and turns of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenthood!

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